Kuukua and the Killjoy Kente

Yes, I finished the series! Now I can end the year in peace! (Update: individual OTC stories are no longer available, but you can download them all in a single PDF collection on my OTC site.) Snippet below: Kuukua and the Killjoy Kente Charlotte was on the ceiling of Mr. Dotse’s office. I didn’t understand how… Continue reading Kuukua and the Killjoy Kente

Last One, I Beg

I started a monthly 8-part series in May. And I've been consistent with it. If I am proud of nothing else about this madness of a 2017, I will be proud of this. And so we come to the eighth leg of this spidery tale, the last one in this series, and it shall drop… Continue reading Last One, I Beg

Cry For You #Excellent2017


Reviewing a few of my 2017 CHH favorites with posts tagged #Excellent2017 – brownie points for you if you got the Sho Baraka reference.

photocredit: hotnewhiphop.com

artist: Lecrae, Taylor Hill

album: All Things Work Together

Not my favorite track off the album, but the thematic of this song resounds very deeply with me, and I thought I would write about some part of that for this post.

I would be lying if I said I was unaware that someway somehow unintentionally I have ended up as a kind of role model for a good number of my friends/peers/acquaintances. And while I am SO honored to be regarded in this light, it also comes with a lot of pressure that can be overwhelming for so many different reasons. And I think that’s the point of, well one of, Lecrae’s “Cry For You”.

The “best” of us are weak too.

Lol I…

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Do Not Become That Person (Akotz’ Desiderata)

I was inflamed enough to write this as the result of an ugly and disappointing altercation with an older relative. I feel that the facts that he is middle-aged and male are extremely relevant. During and after the painful discussion, something within me shifted, because I realized that I knew far too many people like… Continue reading Do Not Become That Person (Akotz’ Desiderata)