GGG Episode 1 is Live!

Hello there! Yesterday was Green Green Grasses' debut day! New episodes will be out every Wednesday evening until all eight episodes are done. This post is more for the benefit of people who follow my WordPress and not my social media. So here you go: Episode 1: Why The Spider Uses Its Web to Catch Food… Continue reading GGG Episode 1 is Live!


I should have written this blog post long ago. Instead, here I am, announcing a project on the day it launches. Because, you know, life. Anyway. Do you remember Kuukua Annan from the OTC short story series? Because I remember being asked why Kuukua's cousin, Ntiwaa, always had to be in every story somehow. Well, for all… Continue reading Announcing OTC: GREEN GREEN GRASSES

SA Journal 6: The Academic Part (Finally)

“How is school?” Well, school is a colonial institution designed to promote elitism within every sphere of the world that academia penetrates and produce a caliber of humans that promote the institutional hegemony while being made to believe they’re revolutionary… or otherwise keeping them too busy with “knowledge” production and consumption for them to do… Continue reading SA Journal 6: The Academic Part (Finally)

Underground: A Memoir from May 2018

It is approximately the middle of May 2018 and probably Wednesday or something. I wish I could be sure, but all the days have melded together lately, and I have no desire to pick up my phone to check; that machine gives me more anxiety than I can tolerate lately. I have awoken shrouded in… Continue reading Underground: A Memoir from May 2018