About Akotowaa


whitelogoMy name is Akotowaa (full name Ivana Akotowaa Ofori) and I have claimed the spider as my totem.

I’m 19 years old and Ghanaian, a mix of Ewe and Akan. I have a personal attachment to the adinkra symbol Ananse Ntontan (Spider Web), the symbol of wisdom and creativity, two characteristics I am striving hard to embody.

I am a weaver of words and a spinner of tales. I rant and create poetry, but most importantly, I am a storyteller. Anansesɛm yɛ m’asɛm. I am a lexivist, and you can find out what that means here.

I also make audible poetry with Ghanaian record-label, Vision Inspired Music.

Find out more about me by listening to or reading my stuff. Here are a few good places to start:

Twitter: @_Akotowaa

Instagram: @akotowaa

Tumblr: akotowaa.tumblr.com


50 thoughts on “About Akotowaa

  1. I’d have said the sky is your limit but then I realised men have walked the moon. I’m inspired by your work. But it’s you I call the masterpiece. Humbled to have you in my generation charley. Gye wo two ✌LOL.

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