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My name is Ivana Akotowaa Ofori. I am called Akotowaa. I’m Ghanaian, 18 years old, and I respect the concept of age much less than I used to.

I’m trying to grow into authenticity. That means I allow myself to keep changing everything about myself, including the content of this page.

I am a lexivist – a lexical activist. What is the essence of a lexivist, and how did lexivism arise? From me, here. Following from this,

  • I am a writer. It took me a long time to start calling myself that. Now, I see the word as more than just a noun for a person who writes. I see it as the description of a being. There is no single kind of writing I stick to – except, hopefully, honest writing. I write what I think, I write fiction, I write comedy, I write poetry, I fill notebooks from cover to cover with anything that comes into my head.
  • I’m a spoken word artist. There is something spectacular and magical about the art of words being both a solitary craft and one that can be shared with many people at once. An experience that begun with silence and morphed into audio art. The spoken word is beautiful. Also, I’m an almost-rapper, because it seems that nobody, not even myself, can control how my spoken word chooses to manifest itself.

I love black, white and purple. And mangoes. And chocolate.

A list of major things I’ve released:

You can find me at

Twitter: @_Akotowaa

Instagram: @akotowaa

Tumblr: akotowaa.tumblr.com


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  1. I’d have said the sky is your limit but then I realised men have walked the moon. I’m inspired by your work. But it’s you I call the masterpiece. Humbled to have you in my generation charley. Gye wo two ✌LOL.

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