whitelogoMy full name is Ivana Akotowaa Ofori, but I go by mostly Akotowaa, Akotz, or Akotz the Spider Kid.

I’m 19 years old and Ghanaian, and my ancestry is both Ewe and Akan.

In line with the characteristics the totemic Akan spider embodies, I am a weaver of words, a spinner of tales and believe that promoting creativity and telling stories are my primary purposes. I’m the originator of the term “lexivist” (you can find out what that means here) and, to summarize my interests in a phrase, Anansesɛm yɛ m’asɛm.

I make many lexical things independently, and here are just a few interesting places to start exploring The Spider Kid’s crafts:

Twitter: @_Akotowaa

Instagram: @akotowaa



50 thoughts on “About Akotowaa

  1. I’d have said the sky is your limit but then I realised men have walked the moon. I’m inspired by your work. But it’s you I call the masterpiece. Humbled to have you in my generation charley. Gye wo two ✌LOL.

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