Kuukua and the Difficult Doors

Number Six! (Update: individual OTC stories are no longer available, but you can download them all in a single PDF collection on my OTC site.) Sneak peek? Kuukua and the Difficult Doors There were invisible threads on the ceiling now. My roommate Nana Konamah and I had gotten fed up. The architects of this hostel must… Continue reading Kuukua and the Difficult Doors

Both Cheeks On Board

Note: I wrote this in like February 2015, when I had only just invented the term "lexivism", and way before Dead By 27. Interesting fact: this is at the back of the same notebook as the first draft of Anti-Indoctrination is in the front of! I'm now posting it because I had a recent conversation with… Continue reading Both Cheeks On Board

What’s all this Anti-Indo something-something?

What is Anti-Indoctrination? An excuse for all of you who want to say "Eii, this girl likes big brɔfo papa!" Well, what it is, is a lexivist poem. As you know by now my life basically revolves around this thing - lexivism. Why did I give it such a long name? Well I'm supposed to… Continue reading What’s all this Anti-Indo something-something?

Reverse (Aspirational) Oppression: Woes of the Conventional

Note: If my phrasing and diction make you think I'm self-righteous, I apologize ahead of time. It almost feels like right now, my whole life is centred around lexivism, and around fighting for myself and others’ rights to pursue lifestyles within the arts and entertainment industries. It’s in my blog posts, my tweets, my stories,… Continue reading Reverse (Aspirational) Oppression: Woes of the Conventional