Kuukua and the Whistling Woodmen

Welcome to seven! Find 1 to 6 here! And boom, the OTC #7 PDF: Kuukua and the Whistling Woodmen! Preview? Kuukua and the Whistling Woodmen It sounded like somebody was trying to pound fufu on the ceiling. Awurade, what were these kids up to now? It had only been about forty-five minutes since the adults had […]

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Do You/Can You.

Do you Can you Sit down in silence? Can you Do you Have the patience to comprehend? Do you Can you exist when you aren’t performing? Can you Do you Know who you are even when your mouth is shut? Can you do you? Do you. Can you? -Akotowaa

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Kuukua and the Difficult Doors

The first five stories of the On the Ceiling series are here. And without further ado, the hyperlink for #6: Kuukua and the Difficult Doors. (Note: When this was first posted, the attached PDF didn’t have italics where italics were designed to be. This has since been corrected and the document has been re-uploaded.) Sneak peek? Kuukua […]

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College Libraries.

I often think of knowledge as Rapunzel, of college as the impenetrable tower, and of myself as the lovestruck outsider, begging her to let down her spines. Each time I meet the Board of Wizards that keep her in captivity, They tell me that she must be fiercely guarded Then, that they believe strongly in […]

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Kuukua and the Cavorting Cups

I like the beginning of this story particularly because it’s a foreshadowing of other things I plan to do with the whole On the Ceiling project. It’s (hopefully) more than just an 8-part short story series, although it’s that too. For this reason, I’m going to post a longer “sneak-peak” excerpt than I usually do. […]

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