Dive (flash fiction)

As I stand on the edge of this precipice, I know I am in no danger – yet, every cell of my body is telling me that I am about to die. My mind is still not strong enough to tell my body to be quiet. I, of all people, should not have this problem, […]

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Kuukua and the Haunted Hair

Hello, and welcome to the third installment of my On the Ceiling series! If you want to start from the beginning, here’s a link to OTC #1: Kuukua and the Magical Markers. And here’s a link to OTC #2: Kuukua and the Twisting Tablecloth. Now, here’s the first few words of Kuukua and the Haunted […]

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The Problem With Miracles

After the excessive drama, the screaming, crying and the mess of the all-night, after the echoes of the tongues of prayer so loud that they left your ears ringing for hours, after all this, you are alone. The buzz has worn off. Your life returns to the regular, the last embers of fireworks in your […]

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I was broken and I wrote and

I was broken and I wrote and I was pathetic about it, and I whined, sniffed, groveled and self-pitied my way to the last full-stop and when it was done, I found I had the stamina to keep going and to want to live. Nothing about my life changed, but I had allowed myself to […]

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The Progression of Friendship

In the pits of your own sadness, a friend will become necessary. In that moment, whoever is most available will turn into the person who is most appropriate. This person will become the immediate recipient of your textual and vocal complaints, the one to whom you lament at the occurrence of every bit of misfortune. […]

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Kuukua and the Twisting Tablecloth

Again, this story is available for download as a PDF through this link: Kuukua and the Twisting Tablecloth. And so, as a teaser, I’m once again posting only the first few pages, and I encourage you to download. (The first story, is available here.) “What’s that over there?” “Over where?” “On the ceiling.” It was […]

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Do Not Let Them Kill You.

Come in with your fire born from and for passion And when they come to you, tall, erect and casting a shadow, be still under them, and compress your soul into your eyes. Open them wide and stare until it haunts them, the hired hands who took pleasure and stripped it of meaning, who tampered […]

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