Dear Youth with Open Minds,

Dear Youth with Open Minds, Do not ever let anyone older than you shut you down by telling you that “you think you know everything.” When you have an open mind and you hear this, it will hurt, not because the truth stings (because this is not the truth) but because you know in your […]

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On Results

You have no idea the kind of stress I went through just to make this post coherent (or at least, I hope this version is) and not as emotionally charged and messy as it was before. This post is something like a response to the thing my almost-cousin, Elaine, wrote, “on checked lists,” even though […]

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A Few Important Reminders

One day, I will offend you. It may be intentional, unintentional, partly intentional, or perhaps something I do will disappoint you, especially if you have admired me for so long, especially if you have done so from afar. In fact, that day may have come for you already, or it may be today. I may […]

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Breaking Bars Broken Down

As a lexivist, I choose not to be apologetic about being more concerned with (read: borderline obsessed with) the meaning and words in songs more than anything else about them. Usually. There are certainly exceptions. However, most often, the lyrics are what define excellence for me, and from what I’ve seen, in this regard, I […]

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