I built an OTC blog.

Hello there. As you might have surmised from the title of this post, I have built an OTC blog. Its URL is akotowaaotc.wordpress.com and I have no doubt people are going to be getting confused because of how similar that URL is to this one. But ah well. The reason I built an OTC blog is… Continue reading I built an OTC blog.

Some Things Don’t Translate.

Once upon a time, I used to fall silent because I felt like no-one was listening. I thought that if I could just make them pay attention, they'd finally see my point of view, and, without a doubt, understand everything I told them, down to the smallest detail. During this period, my silence was still… Continue reading Some Things Don’t Translate.

I must save my apologies for when I am repentant.

Awakening is a journey that has taught me to interrogate my conscience, and why I feel inclined to apologize for everything I am and anything I feel. Sometimes, I carry myself like a black hole whose center resides where my heart should be, and my darkness stretches like shadows across the room. I speak to people… Continue reading I must save my apologies for when I am repentant.

Afordzi (A Short Story)

Edem had breached her agreement. She was now suffering the consequences, paying her penalties through nausea, sweat and convulsions. She had already spent several hours going back and forth between her bed and her trash can, dry-heaving over the latter for minutes at a time. She felt like she was going to die. Whatever was… Continue reading Afordzi (A Short Story)