Dear Youth with Open Minds,

Dear Youth with Open Minds, Do not ever let anyone older than you shut you down by telling you that “you think you know everything.” When you have an open mind and you hear this, it will hurt, not because the truth stings (because this is not the truth) but because you know in your […]

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Life Goals and Growing Old

Here we go, the obligatory birthday post. Time to unleash my time anxieties on the world in a timely manner and such. I’m only 19 years old, which I think is way too young to already be dreading birthdays but…oops, look where we are. Yes, birthdays already give me anxiety. They have since my fifteenth. […]

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Interview with Akotowaa

Originally posted on narrowdown:
Spoken word is a growing art-form in Sub-Saharan Africa, over the past few years the number of artists involved keeps growing at a high rate. There isn’t a week that passes without a show with spoken word artists on the bill. We can say people truly relate to spoken word since…

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Excellent, 2017

I’m surprised I haven’t seen as many new year resolution blog posts this year. Are we just tired of declaring things for ourselves that we can’t stick to? Anyway, that’s besides the point. What’s interesting though, is that more than defined goals, at least 3 people I follow have more of central themes than anything […]

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