My Thoughts: The Burial of Kojo

A few days after I attended the première of Blitz Bazawule’s new film, “The Burial of Kojo” at Silverbird Cinemas, West Hills Mall, a couple of people who had also seen it brought it up in conversation with me. One called the movie “Okay; not amazing,” and I was astounded. Another remarked that although he’d… Continue reading My Thoughts: The Burial of Kojo

Green Green Grasses is on Apple Podcasts!

I’m trying not to have to spam my main blog every week with announcements of episode releases but… Please listen to my podcast. Please. 🙂

On the Ceiling

Hey, everyone!

I hope you’ve been enjoying the Green Green Grasses podcast so far. There are a few episodes out already and they’ll keep coming out every Wednesday until 12th December, so I hope you stick with it until the end.

This is just a brief announcement that the GGG podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts, and the links to individual episodes are on the GGG Episode List page. If you prefer listening to podcasts on this platform as opposed to SoundCloud, I’m happy to cater to you!

Find the podcast via this link: Green Green Grasses by MoonSpider on Apple Podcasts.

If this is your preferred platform, and maybe even if it isn’t, please subscribe and give the podcast a good rating if you like it! This will help other people to find it, which will be really helpful in getting the project to a…

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Prayers God Chooses Not To Hear

You have been taught that God is omnipotent and omniscient. You believe both of these things. You know what it feels like to have prayers answered, whether significant or mundane. You have had problems large enough that thousands of dollars were at stake, and problems as small as flies disturbing your sanity by buzzing around… Continue reading Prayers God Chooses Not To Hear

Cry For You #Excellent2017


Reviewing a few of my 2017 CHH favorites with posts tagged #Excellent2017 – brownie points for you if you got the Sho Baraka reference.


artist: Lecrae, Taylor Hill

album: All Things Work Together

Not my favorite track off the album, but the thematic of this song resounds very deeply with me, and I thought I would write about some part of that for this post.

I would be lying if I said I was unaware that someway somehow unintentionally I have ended up as a kind of role model for a good number of my friends/peers/acquaintances. And while I am SO honored to be regarded in this light, it also comes with a lot of pressure that can be overwhelming for so many different reasons. And I think that’s the point of, well one of, Lecrae’s “Cry For You”.

The “best” of us are weak too.

Lol I…

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