My Thoughts: Lagoon

Author: Nnedi Okorafor. I recently decided that Nnedi Okorafor is currently my favorite fiction author. Last year, right after I read Who Fears Death, I think I declared it my new favorite novel, and for sure, Onyesonwu (the main character of Who Fears Death) is my favorite fictional character at the moment, so it’s like […]

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Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist

Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist, I hope you find your target audience, and I hope you realize early enough who your target audience is even composed of. Some of us are fortunate enough to start our creative endeavors from a community we have long since been entrenched in. However, some of us have not. Some of us […]

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Kuukua and the Sliding Sneakers

Welcome to the 4th short story in my On the Ceiling series! If you’ve read the first three, thank you for making it this far. If you haven’t, here’s the hyperlink for #1, the hyperlink for #2, and the hyperlink for #3. Download the PDF for #4 right here: Kuukua and the Sliding Sneakers. For a […]

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Don’t Give Your Characters Birthmarks. And, announcing the next story.

LOL. I’m stressed. This is probably something that I should keep quiet because if you haven’t noticed, you don’t need to know… But this is becoming really funny. Editing. Really. Dey. Hia. Yet, it’s hard to spot the kinds of mistakes you aren’t looking for. You’re classically looking for typos, grammatical errors, text alignment and […]

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