Burdens of (Art) Activism

When I first conceived the idea for this post, I wanted to title it, “Artists in Ghana be doing too much” or something of the sort. As life sped on relentlessly, procrastination grabbed me in a chokehold, and I continued to think about this post while never actually getting around to writing it, I realized… Continue reading Burdens of (Art) Activism

Where I Been? (A Spider Kid Newsletter of Sorts)

My name seems to have appeared in quite a few places over the past few months, so I thought it would be convenient to give my blog readers an update on all of them at once. I'm not usually this involved in things, so I don't expect blog posts like this to be frequent. But,… Continue reading Where I Been? (A Spider Kid Newsletter of Sorts)

An Unfortunately Political Post About the Importance of Non-Political Art

Warning: I circumlocute. (And I don’t mind it – or the fact that I just used a word which doesn’t officially exist – at all.) Before we begin, let me establish that what I am not saying is that political art is not important. In fact, I am as capable of writing a whole post… Continue reading An Unfortunately Political Post About the Importance of Non-Political Art

Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist

Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist, I hope you find your target audience, and I hope you realize early enough who your target audience is even composed of. Some of us are fortunate enough to start our creative endeavors from a community we have long since been entrenched in. However, some of us have not. Some of us… Continue reading Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist

If you’re in Accra, please go for my friend’s distin. :)

One of my oldest and dearest friends, Lena Morton, is finally coming out from under her metaphorical social rock. She's one of the most talented and sweetest people I've ever had the privilege to know - and she's a superb visual artist. She's having a public art exhibition, in collaboration with Untamed Empire and Xane… Continue reading If you’re in Accra, please go for my friend’s distin. 🙂

Breaking Bars Broken Down

As a lexivist, I choose not to be apologetic about being more concerned with (read: borderline obsessed with) the meaning and words in songs more than anything else about them. Usually. There are certainly exceptions. However, most often, the lyrics are what define excellence for me, and from what I’ve seen, in this regard, I… Continue reading Breaking Bars Broken Down