Burdens of (Art) Activism

When I first conceived the idea for this post, I wanted to title it, “Artists in Ghana be doing too much” or something of the sort. As life sped on relentlessly, procrastination grabbed me in a chokehold, and I continued to think about this post while never actually getting around to writing it, I realized… Continue reading Burdens of (Art) Activism

Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist

Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist, I hope you find your target audience, and I hope you realize early enough who your target audience is even composed of. Some of us are fortunate enough to start our creative endeavors from a community we have long since been entrenched in. However, some of us have not. Some of us… Continue reading Dear Upcoming Creator/Artist

This Is The Thing You Romanticize.

The poet, he was afraid to call himself a poet, wondering if his words qualified and if practicing the craft was enough.   The internet, it spoke of inner demons countless, tortured artists abundant, and pain like it was art’s only fuel.   The poetess, she told me there was nothing to be glorified for those characteristics that… Continue reading This Is The Thing You Romanticize.