Stop Waiting For Permission.

Let me tell you for a moment about the stars: They have been aligned for a while wondering when you would look up and set your soul to imitate their resplendence.   Stars do not know hesitation like you do. Unruly, their light shines, day or night. Never have I known them to first inquire… Continue reading Stop Waiting For Permission.

Both Cheeks On Board

Note: I wrote this in like February 2015, when I had only just invented the term "lexivism", and way before Dead By 27. Interesting fact: this is at the back of the same notebook as the first draft of Anti-Indoctrination is in the front of! I'm now posting it because I had a recent conversation with… Continue reading Both Cheeks On Board

Reverse (Aspirational) Oppression: Woes of the Conventional

Note: If my phrasing and diction make you think I'm self-righteous, I apologize ahead of time. It almost feels like right now, my whole life is centred around lexivism, and around fighting for myself and others’ rights to pursue lifestyles within the arts and entertainment industries. It’s in my blog posts, my tweets, my stories,… Continue reading Reverse (Aspirational) Oppression: Woes of the Conventional

4 Sure-fire Ways to Know That You’re a Wizard/Witch/Bewitched in West Africa

Classically, in many civilizations, people attributed the things they didn’t understand to the gods, or to something supernatural. Thus, a lot of belief systems were born. Where does the sun come from? Oh, it’s actually a god. Thanks, Akhenaten. What are earthquakes? Oh, Titans are fighting, and Poseidon’s mad. My daughter is sick; her temperature… Continue reading 4 Sure-fire Ways to Know That You’re a Wizard/Witch/Bewitched in West Africa