#DearSpiderKid: My Dilemma as A Neurotic Christian

Dear Spider Kid, I am writing to you almost as a last resort because I have a problem that seems unsolvable, and I’ve all but given up on it. The problem pertains to my personality. In summary, here is my dilemma: I have come to believe that neuroticism is a fundamental and permanent part of… Continue reading #DearSpiderKid: My Dilemma as A Neurotic Christian

My Faith + My Body.

Note: The faith being referred to in this essay is specifically Christianity, to which the author subscribes. The devil has been in a war for my soul. In a deliberately insidious way, to keep me from immediately realizing what he was doing so I could end its influence early. He chose the route of my… Continue reading My Faith + My Body.

Breaking Bars Broken Down

As a lexivist, I choose not to be apologetic about being more concerned with (read: borderline obsessed with) the meaning and words in songs more than anything else about them. Usually. There are certainly exceptions. However, most often, the lyrics are what define excellence for me, and from what I’ve seen, in this regard, I… Continue reading Breaking Bars Broken Down

Can You See God?

It was late, near midnight, and I was in the library, trying to finish a paper whose deadline (midnight) I wouldn’t meet anyway, and overdosed on coffee to the point of mentally hyperactive discomfort. The paper I was writing was far less exciting for me than the project of passion that I was working on… Continue reading Can You See God?

My Thoughts On Self-Love, Righteous Arrogance, and Prideful Humility

Incidentally I found this tweet today and I couldn't think of a more perfect time to have found it. LOL! https://twitter.com/archillect/status/753144440810799104 "Early in life I had to choose between honest arrogance and hypocritical humility; I chose arrogance." - Frank Lloyd Wright Note: I, the writer, identify with Christianity, and use this as the ultimate lens… Continue reading My Thoughts On Self-Love, Righteous Arrogance, and Prideful Humility

For Those Who Weep Upon Awakening

We must teach our congregations to quit delivering the sermon: “If you have nothing else to be grateful for, at least be grateful that you’re alive.” This alone presumes, perhaps ignorantly that all want to be; that we are the same. There are some, a minority never small enough to be negligible who have woken… Continue reading For Those Who Weep Upon Awakening