My Thoughts: Homegoing

At this point I’ve seen people bash this book so much that I’m not even sure anyone wants to read any more “reviews” on it. That being said, here’s a review on it! I did not hate the book. Several people said it was trash. Several others said that while the book wasn’t horrible, it… Continue reading My Thoughts: Homegoing

Breaking Bars Broken Down

As a lexivist, I choose not to be apologetic about being more concerned with (read: borderline obsessed with) the meaning and words in songs more than anything else about them. Usually. There are certainly exceptions. However, most often, the lyrics are what define excellence for me, and from what I’ve seen, in this regard, I… Continue reading Breaking Bars Broken Down

Another Language Rant (Which I Should Have Released in September 2015)

[As the title suggests, I wrote this ages ago. September 2015. And it's not a very nice post. But I'm in the process of general release and so here we go. I'm not a very nice person, so why pretend on my blog? Another Language Rant, here we go!] It’s quite depressing how frequently I… Continue reading Another Language Rant (Which I Should Have Released in September 2015)

What’s all this Anti-Indo something-something?

What is Anti-Indoctrination? An excuse for all of you who want to say "Eii, this girl likes big brɔfo papa!" Well, what it is, is a lexivist poem. As you know by now my life basically revolves around this thing - lexivism. Why did I give it such a long name? Well I'm supposed to… Continue reading What’s all this Anti-Indo something-something?

Why Some Ghanaian Kids Don’t Speak and Don’t WANT to Know How to Speak a Ghanaian Language

Subtitle: Ghanaians inducing identity crises of other Ghanaians, with reference to individual, real life examples I have had the privilege of recently meeting a film director, Ghanaian by heritage, raised in America: Sean Addo. I also got to watch one of his films, “Deeper Than Black,” at a Pan-African Club meeting at my school. Sean… Continue reading Why Some Ghanaian Kids Don’t Speak and Don’t WANT to Know How to Speak a Ghanaian Language

Breeding the International Black African

They will encourage you to be internationally-minded As long as international means internal nation, Because, apparently, the world is too big for our eyes. We are not allowed to be more than we are - As we were born, Or else we'll be looked at with scorn And mercilessly devoured, Like Oreos; They have to… Continue reading Breeding the International Black African