What’s VI Music? (You need to know!)

I realize a lot of people who follow me on any platform don’t even know what VI Music is. That’s so many levels of not-right!

Vision Inspired Music (AKA: VI Music) is the record label I am signed to! Yes, with, like, an actual contract and stuff! LOL.

VI’s official logo

VI Music is actually a collective team of visionaries (pun intended), creatives, and friends, which has grown to be a sort of extended family. We make the kind of stuff we want to see. If that stuff isn’t what everyone else is used to seeing and hearing, that’s okay! It’s a testament to our slogan: “We Do It For The Art!”

There’s a lot to find out about VI Music, and you can do all that at officialvimusic.com. 🙂

What I really, really love about VI is how authentic everyone is! If our styles are not defined, we define them, and give them names. There’s not a lot of pressure to conform to the media and content that’s circulating around the Ghana webs. What feels fine to our hearts is what comes out of us.

Twitter: @OfficialVIMusic

Facebook: Vision Inspired Music

Who’ve we got (that’s currently active)?

Adomaa; Reynolds ‘TheGentleMan’; Robin-Huws; Akotowaa; The band FRA!


She’s currently the most popular VI act. She’s a musical butterfly! She made her debut to the general public with a Baafira-Adonai mashup, and subsequently an Evolution of Gh Music video, which I insist, is one of the absolute coolest videos I have ever seen! (And I witnessed it being edited, ayyyy!)

Since I’m a sucker for hybrids, I’m loving that she calls her genre of music Afro-Jazz! And yo, haters gon’ hate, but who cares? LOL

She released her debut EP, the Afraba EP in January! And the music on that EP was executively produced by TheGentleMan. (You can hear audio signature in many of them.)

Twitter: @adomaa_music

Facebook: Adomaa

So that brings me to…


Reynolds TheGentleMan

This guy is legit one of the most underrated men I have ever met in my life! He plays, like, all the instruments in the world (exaggeration. But he plays a lot!) and he’s produced nearly everything VI Music has put out. And he sings too! He has some split-personality something, LOL because Reynolds (the RnB singer, sometimes stylized as Reynolds n Beatz) is different from TheGentleMan (the producer). I try not to ask too many questions. LOL.

So this is Reynolds (the singer) covering his own song, “Come Closer” which he wrote and released in 2014. But this version is better. LOL.


Twitter: @ReynoldsTGM

Facebook: Reynolds ‘TheGentleMan’


Robin is a soul-crooner who usually won’t fail to put you in your feelings. I know someone who didn’t finish his first solo VI release, “See Her Again” because it was too emotional! Haha. It’s weird because he’s one of the funnest, jokey-est, most foolish (in a good way) people I know, and such fun to hang around!

So this is See Her Again. Try not to cry. 🙂

Twitter: @Robin_Huws



If you want to know who I am, read every single post on this blog. That is all.

LOL. I’m VI Music’s only spoken word artist. But all audio art be audio art, or? If Kendrick and Kanye can do spoken-word-disguised-as-music, I can do same.

Stay tuned, while I eventually popularize the hashtag that I claim as my own: #SpokenWordOnBeat.

This is my first official VI Music release, Anti-Indoctrination. (This isn’t SpokenWordOnBeat, by the way. 🙂 )

It was a debut, but know that better is coming!

Twitter: @_Akotowaa

Facebook: Akotowaa



FRA! (the exclamation mark is important, okay?) is a band that was formed for and from Adomaa’s act. Remember, her EP was called Afraba? Well, FRA! literally put the ‘fra’ in Afraba! 🙂

They’ve got vibes. I’ve heard lots of comments about similarities to Osibisa, after people listened to “Dumsor”, the generator-powered love story:

Twitter: @TheBandFRA

Facebook: FRA


So for now, we are VI Music. Stay tuned, because we are coming with VIM!