These Are Not Questions

Have you felt like you are pumping debris into a vacuum. Yelling through a gramophone into an empty room. And outside, Everyone is talking at once. Have you felt like putting it all down. and rebellion rebelling against itself. Have you felt the war. The put the pen down. The put the voice down. The… Continue reading These Are Not Questions

The Message of #IWITP

Note: IWITP (I Wasn't In The Pictures) is my spoken word song. If you haven't heard it, the link is at the bottom of this post. The technological age is really something else. Nearly everything has a digital form now. Online dating, cyberbullying, blogging, vlogging, photo-journalling, and whatnot. And so do the ways our problems… Continue reading The Message of #IWITP

Webs and Nests

Too alone a phrase phonetically self-ironic a phenomenon whereby one is stuck within a web of thoughts, like a trapped fly perishing, agonizingly slowly in trepidation, waiting, waiting... yet still not devoured; the psychological torture! The season, period must end a small aperture, causing the diffraction of waves, one...two...three... Connectivity. Not so alone. Escape in… Continue reading Webs and Nests