About last sem’s academic stuff.

This past semester (Fall 2017), I enjoyed school for the first time in like six years. It’s quite surprising, and/but it doesn’t change the fact that I would drop out if given enough freedom (and given about 10 million dollars in addition so I know it’s real). First of all, I had all professors of… Continue reading About last sem’s academic stuff.

College Libraries.

I often think of knowledge as Rapunzel, of college as the impenetrable tower, and of myself as the lovestruck outsider, begging her to let down her spines. Each time I meet the Board of Wizards that keep her in captivity, They tell me that she must be fiercely guarded Then, that they believe strongly in… Continue reading College Libraries.

LOL so this liberal arts distin actually works eh?

If you know Akotowaa, like know me proper, it is no surprise that my anti-formal-education stance has been a huge part of my life and informed my worldview for literally years. I have been tired of formal education and its restrictions for a long time. I have watched several videos, including Prince EA’s spoken word… Continue reading LOL so this liberal arts distin actually works eh?

Akotowaa’s Guide to Dropping Out

Unfortunately, I’ve never dropped out before – so my advice on this topic is obviously very credible and 100% legitimate. Listening to “experts on these issues” is overrated anyway. Yes, there are some who believe although I have never dropped out of school yet, there’s still a chance of it happening. I like these people.… Continue reading Akotowaa’s Guide to Dropping Out

Repression, Expression and Self-Sabotage

People in real life think I’m very private. People on the internet think I put everything about my life and self on the internet. This isn’t true; I merely post more than the average person, but not an amount significant enough to be even half my thoughts and experiences. So I’d consider myself both overly… Continue reading Repression, Expression and Self-Sabotage

The School’s Puppets Want to Turn Us into Harry Potter

Note: I’m not even going to try to be nice in this post. One weekday, last week, I sat at my designated table for formal breakfast, and was already having a relatively bad morning, when a monitor/prefect (I don’t remember who) said, “There is too much movement in the d-hall. Could everyone please take their… Continue reading The School’s Puppets Want to Turn Us into Harry Potter

Teachers Don’t Seem to Realise How Destructive They Can Be

At some point, it really stops being the students’ fault. Note: This is a full-on RANT. It torments me that I keep writing about the same things, but my goodness, I am so tired of talking! If the only thing that will listen to me is paper (and by extension, my own blog), that’s fine… Continue reading Teachers Don’t Seem to Realise How Destructive They Can Be