It Isn’t Always Subtweeting, Actually

Note: This blog post is me sub-blogging.

Twitter has been annoying me increasingly lately. The reasons are too many to name here. Why don’t I leave, you ask? Well, not because I love it, but more like it’s a necessity for me, for communication reasons. But one of the reasons it’s been increasingly annoying is people’s perceptions of and reactions to “subtweets”.

I am speaking from both observation and experience here: you’ll tweet some apparently generalized thing and then either:

  1. Someone is telling you to @ the person.
  2. Someone is telling you they’ve collected their sub.
  3. Someone quotes the tweet and @’s the person they think it’s about.

Sometimes they may be right, but moretimes, y’all need to chill. Here’s why. Many times, a specific thing/person/event will remind you of what you think about a general type of thing/person/event. And this is how the brain works – connecting things – so it’s perfectly legit.

Let’s take some examples. Someone tweets “I hate it when people are late.” You know for a fact that it’s you that the person is waiting for. Therefore, you sitting in the car coming and scrolling through your TL take it upon yourself to assume that this person has tweeted this thing for the sole purpose that you should see it, because that’s just how shady this person is. (Why dem no fit biz you sey where you dey?)

The thing is that, we tweet in real time according to what is going on in our heads. These platforms are generally our outlets. So yes, perhaps you or someone you know was a trigger to the tweet. Note that this does not make it specifically ABOUT you or someone you know. Just a trigger. Why? Because this is (I am assuming) a person’s personal truth. And so if anything at all, it would be unfair to just tweet “I hate it when Nana Kofi is late” when the person knows it’s not just when Nana Kofi does it that it annoys him – but when anyone does. Do you want to be singled out for a bad thing so badly?

My whole point is: check yourself. It’s not always subtweeting that’s the intention. Allow brains to function inductively, please and thanks.