One African Man’s Dream

This post was inspired by a book I just read, called The African Agenda. I wasn’t too keen to read it at first because it was big, had a boring cover and didn’t sound like my type of book.

My copy of The African Agenda by Camynta Baezie
My copy of The African Agenda by Camynta Baezie

I was right about that last one. It isn’t the type of book I would normally read, but once I got far enough into it, I was simply engrossed.

Over here, I won’t go into too much detail about how much I love the book, but let me just say that Camynta Baezie is a great writer and I admire his ability to combine may complex sub-plots into one story.

Anyway. The main substance of the book is about a Ghanaian man who came up with the idea of African unification after witnessing some really brutal violent acts. He was a visionary. With the help of some African friends, not all of whom made it to the end of the book, they managed to do something impossible.

It got me thinking. What at all is it that is stopping us Africans from achieving our dreams? Is it the lack of passion? Is it that we just don’t care enough about our dreams? Or is it our selfishness – our desire to build ourselves rather than build our countries or our continents? What is stopping us from thinking for ourselves and taking risks?

We all want to go abroad. But when you go, will you come back? These characters created by Camynta Baezie managed to achieve everything they did with a Ghanaian education, and even a Ghanaian university! None of them went abroad before they had graduated. And even while abroad, their thoughts were still on their country. The main character himself, went to live in the UK directly after his graduation.

Even though some things may be lacking from our education, curiosity and passion alone can make up for it. After all, there are endless ways to get information, the most open being the internet. Then there are people. And there are books.

Why, really should you be wasting your broadband watching stupid videos on Youtube all day long when you can be finding ways to change the world for the better?

Every good idea starts with one man’s dream. Anybody at all can dream, but what would it take to make one African man’s dream come true?

Yours truly,