Mentorship Opportunity for South African Writers

Hey, y'all! A South African writer I'm personally familiar with, Karen Jennings, is offering a 12-week writing course in English to any South African citizen over the age of 18 - no prior writing experience required. I met Karen through Writivism's mentorship program, and she helped me edit a story that eventually made it into… Continue reading Mentorship Opportunity for South African Writers

An Unfortunately Political Post About the Importance of Non-Political Art

Warning: I circumlocute. (And I don’t mind it – or the fact that I just used a word which doesn’t officially exist – at all.) Before we begin, let me establish that what I am not saying is that political art is not important. In fact, I am as capable of writing a whole post… Continue reading An Unfortunately Political Post About the Importance of Non-Political Art

Keep Pumping Debris Into That Vacuum

Just about last week, I had one of those inferiority complex-triggered meltdowns. The kind where I convince myself that everything I have ever written is trash, and tell myself that I should never write again. The trigger for this meltdown was silly, as my meltdown triggers do tend to be. I had been browsing, and… Continue reading Keep Pumping Debris Into That Vacuum

We Should Quote Characters

When I read this post after writing it, I was amazed at how much it sounded like a classroom lesson. Writers do this thing where they tend to become lecturers. This isn’t my intention, ambition, aspiration, whatever. I’d be terrified if I knew teaching was in my future! Why is this happening to me?! Also,… Continue reading We Should Quote Characters