When She Is Deceased

When she is deceased

and they discover the treasure-trove

of her cardboard-bound pages,

they will marvel at the complexity of her troubled thoughts

and romanticize her state.

They will put her in books.

They will serve her in classrooms.

They will glorify her genius and say

the affliction was common

with those of her kind.

They will, as usual, neglect to inquire

as to why she was spilling it all to paper,

or if a human ear would not suffice

was not available

was not appropriate

and what was wrong with the people around her

and are people like her born or driven crazy

and what does the driving or who or why

does the voice get more agitated as the poem progresses

and stop!

They would rather analyze the punctuation of her sentences

to minute, unnecessary detail.


7 thoughts on “When She Is Deceased

  1. There’s a word for this in your generation’s lingo. I think it goes something like, ‘Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass’.
    Possibly followed with a slow clap.

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