From The Postcode To The Globe

Errol Lawson is a very cool dude. He was part of the design team during AIX (Ashesi Innovation Experience) and the man’s energy is contagious! Every time he got up to stand in front of us, you know that in the next 30 seconds, the whole room would be trying to bring down the ceiling with a chorus of “YES!”

He coaches young people in leadership and goal-setting (check out Emerge Leadership) and he’s amazing at it. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look unhappy. His walk, talk and presence simply exude positive energy. So it stunned me, and many other people, to hear that this happy, successful man in front of us came from a broken home and a life of gangs, crime and drug addiction. Errol Lawson actually came ‘from the postcode to the globe.’

His first published book by the same title, From the Postcode to the Globe, which was given to me (autographed!) at AIX, is full of personal anecdotes and guides on how to overcome your circumstances or small mind-set and achieve greatness. Now see, these motivational books, even when I find them, I don’t read them, because my literary zone is fiction and fantasyland. But this book actually wasn’t boring; it was helpful. IT’s short and easy to read, and packs a lot of relevant tips into each chapter. Some of it is stuff that you, as a reader, may already know unconsciously, but seeing it in print makes it more…real.

I don’t know, maybe I just felt the book more, because I’ve met the author in person, and I won’t lie, I read the whole thing in his voice (he has a cool, British accent). But his story and transformation really is nothing short of amazing, and it’s obvious he is where he is because of the way he thinks. It was revealed most in the last (bonus) chapter, which was my favourite.


I think his life is a manifestation of the power of God. I’ve been inspired to set goals and actively chase them. I’m not even kidding; watch out for me in the next ten years. Errol taught me how to let go of fear. I’ll be going from my postcode (figuratively; this is Ghana.) to the globe.

 -Akotowaa =)

3 thoughts on “From The Postcode To The Globe

  1. Have you read anything by Mitch Albom? I would love to read this book. Do you have any idea where I can get a copy? Man needs to sets goals and work tirelessly to achieve them.

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