The Blame Game

Nothing I can say will make this post more brilliant.


I heard of the news of the 200 missing girls in Chibok, some days after it had happened and I was distraught. When I was in boarding school, there was this man who used to come to the girl’s dormitory to spy on us. He never harmed any of us but it was still unsettling knowing there was an unknown male with unknown intentions creeping around at night. The school authorities didn’t care much and rather insisted we were bringing in our lovers under the guise of an intruder.
I figured the story couldn’t be much different before the attack on the school at Chibok.
I shared a petition online to urge the Nigerian president intensify the search for the girls. From what I had gathered then, he was seemingly unconcerned. It became a personal cause for me. I changed my display pictures on social media to that of an…

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