Too Schooled For Coherence (Part III)

‘Tired’ is truly an amazing word. When you think about it, it all comes back down to tiredness, doesn’t it? No other word can cover it all the way the word ‘tired’ can. It’s the ridiculously large amount of truth carried by the singular statement, “I’m tired” that is enough to knock a person’s outer wall down so that they fall down crying inside. It’s true. It’s so true.

Is this a misnomer? Too schooled? More like too lifed. Because school is not and cannot be the sole reason for the loss of sanity. It’s people. It’s things. It’s rules. And when you realize you’re tired of them all, and your most frequently-said sentence is “I hate everyone” and you can see that other people are thinking the same, but are just too grown up to blurt it out the way you do, you realize that this is, in fact, simply not the case. The fact is, it’s exactly the case!

You don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be here. So the question is: why are we here? Why are we doing what we don’t want if it doesn’t actually get any better any time in the foreseeable future? If I had the answer to this question, I’d never question my genius again. You shouldn’t have come here. I shouldn’t be here.

There really is something wrong when work isn’t what’s bothering you anymore. When everyone makes everything about school, there really isn’t much to do but shut everybody out because they have no excuse for being such morons. It’s people. It’s things. It’s rules. And when you realize that people aren’t paying as much attention to people as people should receive, then there’s that urge to give up on everyone and/or everything, all negative-positive (but never neutral) energy which is then transferred into the writing of an incoherent blog post. But look at the title. What did you expect?

It’s too late for “I shouldn’t have”s by now. I should have known better, after all…Oops, there we go again.

The personality split isn’t too weird is it? It’s only natural for someone who is wholesomely together, isn’t it?

Dang. I should be a poet. But poets can’t rock confusion as hard as I can.

I hate everyone.

As I said before, it all comes back to the complete and utter truth which can be found in tiredness.

Yours exhaustedly,


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