Death of a Treasure

You killed a treasure.
It was tarnished before it met you,
Out of no fault of yours,
But God knows you didn’t help it shine.

The thing that you call encouragement,
Your abused mantra that goes “You can do it!”
Unbacked by action, unexplained,
Yet it was meant to aid. HOW?

Withdrawal occurred as the rust turned more prominent,
But Treasure, it was never a pressing problem;
The well-being of the chest
Means more than the state of a single treasure.

Selfish Treasure!
The system said, “You can do it,”
and you barely tried.
Rot in your corner.

You killed a treasure.
You say you don’t polish,
And so your eyes were glued
To the shiniest of the lot.

They were always your favourites,
So you ignored the Treasure.
I think you find pleasure
In externals alone.


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