Ei, another Kuukua story again? (and another thing)

Yes, another Kuukua story again.

Here’s the plan: to have an 8-part series, with one story released at the end of each month. Since I began in May, the last story should come out at the end of December.

This series, by the way, is called On the Ceiling. I call it OTC for short. OTC #3, Kuukua and the Haunted Hair, will be released on Monday, here on this blog.

If you haven’t read the first two, check out

OTC #1: Kuukua and the Magical Markers

OTC #2: Kuukua and the Twisting Tablecloth

And here’s the cover and blurb of the third:

And another thing: Flash Fiction Ghana just released a FREE ANTHOLOGY, to which I’m honored to have contributed. I strongly suggest that you check it out, and you can download it here. We can read it over the weekend together. 🙂kenkey for ewes

Hehee. There’s a spider web on the anthology cover and that makes me happy.


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