Can I honestly say that this is one of the best poems I have ever read? I love Michael Kitcher!

The Juvenile Community

I am seed;
Born to die and live again,
Bursting from the bowels of the earth,
Naturally, I rise.

I am fruit:
Captive – or falling freely
My weight finally pressed into the soils
Of long ago.

I am bird,
Soaring above the skies,
The wind, my mattress, my blanket
The clouds, comfy cushions.

I am child;
Woven from DNA, complex
Beauty, simplified and complete, in me –
Fruit of the Womb.

I am prey, predator, procreator,
The power that drives each one
Patriarch of purpose, begotten of belief, I am
A pearl fashioned from the sands of time…

And yet I am more than all these,
If only you will believe.

I am sterling stainless steel
Forged from the depths of the Sea of Hope
I am the soul and substance of your unrealised dreams,
Your fear’s worst nightmares.

I am proof of your strength and your struggle

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